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Fandom:Gundam Wing
Rating:PG13 Created:2009-01-02
Genre:Comedy Updated:2009-09-05
Style:Science Fiction Status:Incomplete

In which there might be clowns... (PHP)
For which there is no title… (PHP)
Of Kitty Cats and Bunny Slippers (PHP)
Don’t listen to me, listen… (PHP)
Bad ideas are usually contagious… (PHP)
Good intentions have expiration dates… (PHP)
Something Witty This way Comes … (PHP)
Killing With Kindness… (PHP)


Life might not be anything but a fat rat race, but even rats need a vacation every now and then... so how far do you have to go to get a little time off? 2x5x2, 3x4x3, 1xR

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Review by Anonymous 2009-02-15

Hey, you're here, too! I just read your updates this morning on FFN and then I turn around and here you are again. This is a very lonely section. I'm glad to be sharing it with someone.

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