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Rating:PG13 Created:2009-01-28
Genre:Drama Updated:2009-04-16
Style:Fantasy Status:Incomplete

1. the forest (PHP)
2. the soundless (PHP)
3. the searching (PHP)
4. the memories (PHP)


Lady Mars was the last person anyone would have thought to make such a reckless decision as the one she did. And yet, her choice would expose the building war, long foretold to come should the Earth and the Moon ever try to breach the space that separated the two worlds. How her decision would echo through time, though, was something neither she nor any of the other Senshi could have predicted.

Author's Comments:

For the January 2009 Senshi/Shitennou challenge on the lj-community, sm-monthly:

1. the forest - Theme 14: Forgiven by Within Temptation
2. the soundless - Theme 13: Betrayal
3. the searching - Theme 7: Wink
4. the memories - Theme 10: Plan

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