General Library: Sacaea Episode I: Return of the Light by Nephthys Moon

Fandom:Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Rating:R Created:2009-01-28
Genre:Drama Updated:2009-01-28
Style:Science Fiction Status:Incomplete

1. The Darkness That Got There First (PHP)


In the aftermath of the Sith Civil War, the Jedi known only as the Exile departed from known space to follow in the footsteps of the Prodigal Knight and search out a mysterious threat to the Galaxy known only as the ‘True Sith’.

She began to methodically search the Outer Regions for the True Sith, looking for planets just outside the edges of Republic space. After nearly two years with no results, she turned her search deeper into the Unknown Regions.

It was there he found it, a weapon of such strength that it could destroy an entire Galaxy. It was there she found him, stranded and alone. Together, they must gather their scattered companions in a race against time, their enemies, and a danger they cannot see – the greatest threat the Galaxy has ever faced…

Author's Comments:

So, NaNo was insane for 2008. It was my first year and the story just kind of lept from being something I was afraid wouldn't hit 20k to being something that I'll be surprised if it finishes under 100k. This is based on the Star Wars:Knights of the Old Republic games, and also on the information available as of 1/15/09 for the MMORPG, The Old Republic. It is slightly AU, but my way of fixing the nightmare that was the ending of KotOR II and the mockery that they are making of the era with the MMORPG. And this segment now is the longest A/C I've ever made on any story.

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