General Library: When Angels Deserve to Die by Kihin Ranno

Rating:PG13 Created:2009-02-21
Genre:Drama Updated:2009-02-21
Style:General Status:Complete

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The war is almost over, but two enemies meet up to have one final confrontation.

Author's Comments:

Written for the Sailor Moon Monthly Fanfiction Challenge. January - Senshi/Shitennou. Day Nine: Fail. I started writing this for the 2007 Senshi/Shitennou Ficathon but couldn't finish because I had to go to the ER. ^^; Finished it up for SMMFC.

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Review by tuBbY 2009-03-01

Exquisitely and beautifully written.
Review by bin82501 2009-02-23

Brilliant as usual. Oddly in all the years I've been following SM, it never occurred to me that jealousy was what tied the shitennou and Beryl together. kind of sad on my part lol

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