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Rating:PG13 Created:2009-03-26
Genre:Drama Updated:2009-12-08
Style:Fantasy Status:Complete

The Whisper of Ambition! The Despair of the Strongest (PHP)
Berylís Desire, the Seal of Endymion (PHP)
The Rebellion Begins! Galaxiaís Decision (PHP)
That Which Takes Light and Life! The Seal of Tiresias (PHP)
The Years After the Ruin (PHP)
The Ultimate Battle! Galaxia of Chaos vs. Prometheus (PHP)
Soul Necrosis! Metaliaís True Face (PHP)
Hidden Dreams Revealed, Journey into Elysion (PHP)
The Darkness that Hides the Light (PHP)
Moon Prism Power! The Birth of a New Legend (PHP)
Alpha and Omega! The Armageddon Scenario (PHP)


The true story of the destruction of the Silver Millennium.

Author's Comments:

Read "Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica" before reading this one. Also, expect an entirely different depiction of Metalia than you've probably seen before.

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Review by Loki 2009-04-08

What I enjoy in your work most is the way you create new possibilities for canon characters, showing us another side to their nature, and it is this that is the hallmark of good fanfiction. We may enjoy the predictable, and though delightful, to read a subversive or ground-breaking piece is always a plus for a reader of Sailor Moon. Your twists with Beryl, Metalia and Chaos, create a new template for us to lose ourselves in your new universe for Sailor Moon, well done!

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