General Library: Paranoid by La Mort

Rating:G Created:2009-08-02
Genre:Dark Updated:2009-08-02
Style:Character Study Status:Complete

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In a world where anyone could be a youma, and anything out of the ordinary could be an enemy plot, wouldn't you be a little paranoid?

An alternative perspective on Usagi during the first season.

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Review by Loki 2009-08-05

Oh this is so much more intense a look at Usagi, and her role of Senshi, Sailor Moon. I had to wonder, if you continued this in a sequel, how would Usagi coe to terms with her role, with her life, and her mental health?

This would be a fascinating exploration, and as for her comrades they too must be concerned and as Guardian, Luna has a keen eye, and what of Tux? All plot bunnies waiting to hop!

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