General Library: The Alchemy of Fire - Arc I by Shadowhawke

Fandom:Avatar: The Last Airbender
Rating:PG Created:2010-03-13
Genre:General Updated:2010-04-14
Style:Character Study Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Universe

Where the Stream Ends (HTML)
One Small Twist (HTML)
Reflections (HTML)
’Til Freedom Stirs her Wings (HTML)
Shifting Sands (HTML)
Before You Leap (HTML)
Locked (HTML)
Premonition (HTML)
Katara Alone - I (HTML)
Katara Alone - II (HTML)
Cast (HTML)
Uphill (HTML)
Verdict (HTML)
Silver (HTML)
Fall (HTML)
Against the Sun (HTML)
Trust (HTML)
Perhaps (HTML)
Draw (HTML)
The Threads that Bind (HTML)
In the Sand (HTML)
Clear as Water (HTML)
Heart set Blind (HTML)
Near (HTML)
The Words Unsaid (HTML)
Storm Clouds (HTML)
The Futures to Win (HTML)


Arc I of a series: The nature of Fire is that it transforms, and so after their victory the Gaang must deal with the aftermath of ‘peace’ amidst battle, growth, self-discovery, and the startling changes and beauty of love. Based on a slightly AU finale.

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