General Library: Sometimes You Hear the Bullet Train by Kihin Ranno

Rating:PG13 Created:2010-03-27
Genre:Comedy Updated:2010-03-27
Style:General Status:Complete

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Usagi's done a bad, bad thing, and now Mamoru (as usual), has to pick up the pieces.

Author's Comments:

Written for sm_monthly , January 2010 Challenge - Usagi/Sailor Moon. Day Twenty-Two: Shinkansen. The title is a reference to the M*A*S*H* episode "Sometimes You Hear the Bullet."

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Review by shetan83 2010-11-11

Hrm, what WAS Usagi doing with Haruka alone?
Review by bin82501 2010-03-29

Haha. I loved it. Poor Mamoru. I enjoyed this story.
Review by AngelMoon Girl 2010-03-28

Heh, poor Mamoru. You've got to feel for the guy sometimes. Flawless as always; I didn't spot a single typo and the dialogue seemed so in character it could have been pulled from the series itself. Looking forward to more from you sometime soon, I hope!

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