General Library: Less-Travelled Roads by superkate

Fandom:CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Rating:PG13 Created:2006-02-17
Genre:Comedy Updated:2006-02-17
Style:General Status:Complete

And I / I took the road less travelled by (PHP)


There comes a time in every woman's life when she reaches an impasse. Unfortunately for Jacqui Franco, her impasse is guided by the five stooges, and pits her against the one woman she can't stand up to: Sara Sidle.

Author's Comments:

Having spiralled out of control, this fic went from being a short little romp to more than 6000 words of ridiculousness. Jacqui/Grissom, with undertones of Nick/Bobby and suggested Hodges/Greg flirtation.

"The Road Less Taken" is by Robert Frost.

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