General Library: To Love Again by Lady Yue

Rating:R Created:2012-07-02
Genre:Romance Updated:2012-07-12
Style:General Status:Incomplete
Setting:Alternate Universe

Prologue (PHP)
Chapter One: Revelations and Secrets (PHP)


The missing-nin, Haruno Sakura returns to Konoha, determined to overcome all obstacles and hostility to build a place there once more. Yet she finds that her goal is harder to obtain then she expected. When she finds herself faltering, a strong shoulder comes from an unexpected direction and leads to interesting developments of the heart...

Author's Comments:

Okay, just to let everyone know, Iím not up-to-date on everything that has happened in the series manga/anime-wise since sometime after the whole save Gaara arc. Thus this story is going to deviate from the story from that point.

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