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Rating:R Created:2006-02-19
Genre:General Updated:2006-02-19
Style:Historical Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Universe

Dark Messiah arc, pt.1 - Lull (Text)
Dark Messiah arc, pt.2 - Storm (Text)
Dark Messiah arc, pt. 3 - Revolution (Text)
Infinity arc, pt.1 - Infinite Positive (Text)
Infinity arc, pt.2 - Infinite Negative (Text)
Infinity arc, pt.3 - Infinite Eternal (First Eternity) (Text)
Infinity arc, pt.3 - Infinite Eternal (Second Eternity) (Text)
Infinity arc, pt.3 - Infinite Eternal (Third Eternity) (Text)


Working within the CoT timeline, Setsuna sends her infant daughter, Hotaru, to the distnat past so Hotaru won't be caught up in the Black Moon War. The consequences of this single action results in a catastrophic chain of events that forces Setsuna to travel into the past and watch as a bloody war erupts during the Silver Millennium, threatening the entire solar system...

Author's Comments:

This saga is a part of the epic "Circles of Time" project. As such, certain liberties with traditional SM continuity have been taken, all within the context of the CoT universe. Lingering questions and allusions to other events can easily be found in other parts/fics from the CoT series.

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Review by blue 2006-02-26

I LOVE this story! One of my all time favorite fanfiction EVAHHHH!!!!

It was great! Okay, so it is mainly fantasy and it's wacked out pairings but it is amazingly well written! >__< WAHH!!! It was AMAZING!!!!!

I LOVE LOVE this fic!

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