General Library: what's your name? by Sokudo Ningyou

Rating:PG Created:2005-10-15
Genre:Angst Updated:2005-10-16
Style:Character Study Status:Complete

what's your name? (PHP)


After losing so many things in his life, Tomoe Souichi has precious little left to him.

Author's Comments:

One-shot. A bit of musing over Tomoe and how ridiculously stupid it was for Hotaru to simply be taken away without any repercussions shown.

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Review by ruminant 2005-10-29

Your ability to cause psychological damage to the Sailor Moon characters never ceases to amaze me.

This story is interesting because it is about redemption as well as loss. The loss of a child is nothing to be shrugged off. I'm glad you examined the implications of this.

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