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Rating:PG13 Created:2006-02-22
Genre:Drama Updated:2006-02-23
Style:General Status:Complete

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For once, Tsukino Usagi meets a worthy rival.

Author's Comments:

Who is sick of having a devil woman chasing after Mamoru and using whip cream and black magick (probably some form of dark chocolate) to try and brain wash him? And, of course, she\'s beautiful, but evil and usually charming but bitchy and not the brightest bulb in the room... Well... I give you: Love-Love Rival (something different!) Take that, crap ass love-triangles!

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Review by bin82501 2012-07-07

I always loved this.
Review by ruminant 2006-05-15

Very cute story. You kept everyone in character and presenting a NORMAL rival for Usagi instead of the regular evil queen bent on dominating the universe.

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