General Library: The Dawn of Serenity by Jessica Pendragon

Rating:R Created:2006-05-08
Genre:Drama Updated:2008-08-04
Style:General Status:Complete

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"It is destiny."

"No, it is choice. Destiny chose us, Destiny gave us our ancient powers. But it was always up to us to decide what to do with it, it was our choice to continue on the path of a soldier. Now, on the dawn of a new era, Destiny is calling out to us again, and we must make our decision."

One decision will change everything.

Will you be ready?

Author's Comments:

Thanks to Araya and Loki! ^_^

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Review by silverstarlet 2009-09-12

I found this story in an uneventful evening and couldn't stop reading. DoS is absolutely a mind-blowing epic, complete with thoughtful characterizations, intriguing plot development and sufficient details without distracting the reader for too long. I am really impressed by the amount of thought you put into the writing of this story, especially the twists of the Hubris arc - found myself gasping in shock at the revelation of Minako's double; definitely didn't foresee that coming. (Not to forget... (more)
Review by Jenbunny 2009-01-12

I really enjoyed that. There were times when I was confused and all seemed dark and dismal. However, I stuck it out and in the end I think this is one of my favorite stories that I have ever read. Thank you for writing it. You did a great job.
Review by Loki 2008-09-09

Lady JP I thought that on your B-day, I would organize my fave settings, and you're on them! :D One of my fave authors and so here's my prezzy!

DoS is a classic piece of fanfiction excellence, JP has brought us a brilliant original spin on the blockbuster epic genre with this one.

World building amognst the best I've ever seen, her ability to sculpt vivid images, and to make them come alive places her at the top of the list on that score alone.

I lov... (more)

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