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Rating:PG13 Created:2006-05-28
Genre:Romance Updated:2008-12-20
Style:General Status:Incomplete
Setting:Alternate Universe

Prologue (HTML)
Part 1: And So It Begins... (HTML)
Part 2: Of Balls and Gardens (HTML)
Part 3: Confessions From the Heart (HTML)
Part 4: Farewells and Surprises (HTML)
Part 5: Wedding Bell Blues (HTML)
Part 6: Loves Me Not... (HTML)
Part 7: Greater Love (HTML)
Part 8: Hope Springs Eternal (HTML)


Forced to marry as a part of Earth's acceptance into the Silver Alliance, Mina and Malachite can't stand each other. War with Beryl is brewing and soon they'll have to make the ultimate choice. Can they escape fate?

Senshi/Generals - Serenity/Endymion

Author's Comments:

For Love or Duty is a look at what might have happened if things between Earth and the Moon had been different.

I focused heavily on relationships in this story--but there will be action.... As I've discovered, it's impossible to separate the Senshi from "action" and it just seemed to write itself in here.

Expect a new and different ending for the Silver Millennium. ^_^

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Review by Anonymous 2009-09-27

Please! Please! Please! Finish your story. I remember reading the first one you had out and it was good. Now I can't find it anywhere but here. And its even less than what you had before. Thats torture! Love your story. Stay encouraged. And please for the sake of your fans. Please Finish It! ^_^
Review by Anonymous 2008-09-06

Hey Sapphire girl,
I have been reading sailormoon fanfic for about two years now. I first came across your story For Love or Duty on the moonromance page. I immediately fell in love with it. You have a way of capturing the audience with the characters in a whole new way. It's been a while since i have been able to read fanfic with life being as busy as it can be but i got on today and discovered the moonromance page is different now. So i frantically searched for your story elsewhere and... (more)
Review by Through Darkness 2008-03-27

Oh man.
Oh man.
That is a story that gets up in you and you're just waiting for it to burst as if your appendix was going with it. You expect pain and badness and something that will hurt incredibly, but then you expect it to get better.
That's what reading your story feels like.
So now that you have burst my appendix, please come and put it back together - as I think I quite need that organ.
Thank you.
Through Darkness and Light /lxl\

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