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Rating:R Created:2006-06-10
Genre:General Updated:2012-01-18
Style:Science Fiction Status:Incomplete
Setting:Alternate Reality

Prologue, Chapter One: Instrument of Peace Unleashed (PHP)
Chapter Two: Bitter Fruit of Victory (PHP)
Chapter Three: Defender of the Faith Unfurled (Text)


What if Sailor Moon took place in 2005, Chicago. How different would the characters be, the situations they would find themselves in and what type of foes would they face. This series is an attempt to give the readers a chance to experience such a thing.

Author's Comments:

I know it took a long time to finally get the prologue and chapter one here to dotmoon. I hope you will enjoy the series. I don't pretend to say this is how Sailor Moon would occur in the US, this is just mine and my co-authors POV.
07/18/07 Second chapter finally posted. I have noticed a few comments in the OOC thread that seem to look like they are directed at this series. Well, too bad. This isn't the manga nor the anime version of Sailor Moon. Just like the live-action, changes were made so the main theme, a team of fuku-clad magical girls fighting against a great evil, could be done in an American setting. To a large degree Naoko Takeuchi used Japanese myths and legends, a dash of Western pop culture and her own beliefs of Shinto and Buddhism to create the manga version of Sailor Moon. I've done the same thing. As for the changes to the characters, those were done to reflect the richness, diversity and the individuality of American culture. Furthermore this is a retelling of the Sailor Moon series so to compare the characters here in this series to the original characters of either the manga or the anime would be unfair and narrow-minded.
Besides, no one is making you read this series anyway.

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