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Rating:PG13 Created:2006-06-19
Genre:Drama Updated:2006-06-19
Style:General Status:Complete

A Daughter's Anger (HTML)
The Ghosts of Tokyo (HTML)
Mothers and Daughters (HTML)
Errors in Judgment (HTML)
A Switch of Roles (HTML)
A Conversation With a Ghost (HTML)
Silent Tears (HTML)
Coda (HTML)
End Notes (HTML)


In the year 2041, Kumada Yuuichiro passes away, leaving behind things unresolved between himself and his youngest daughter. Due to his last request, his family journeys to Tokyo, where Yuuichiro wishes his ashes to be laid to rest. But the secrets there will unfold to reveal women who seem older than their years and ghosts that refuse to be buried with their corporal bodies... and there, the mystery of the one-hundred year sleep will begin to unravel at the seams.

[Sailor Moon Reader's Choice Fanfiction Awards:
2nd Place for New Character and 3rd Place for What If?]

Author's Comments:

This is not an AU. This is a post-Galaxia continuation. [Mostly manga except Yuuichiro and his family.]

Special Thanks To:


Yumeko San - My wonderful editor and the woman who had to put up with my bad writing, my bad characterizations, and my worst insecurities. She's the one who made this project what it is now! She's so awesome in my eyes! *_*

Starsea San - The wonderful person who sent me Michiru fics when I needed them most. And who helped me with who's-who and what's-what when I got terribly confused on what I was doing. I'd be really lost without her. So would the Senshi that I characterized badly. It's all because of her for some of the characters to actually stay in character! If you don't like a lack of OOC, feel free to flame her about that! ^_~ LOL!

Aph San - For reading, liking, AND recommanding this story to others! Aph San, you rule! ^_^v

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