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Rating:PG13 Created:2006-06-19
Genre:Drama Updated:2006-06-19
Style:Character Study Status:Complete

From predators... (Text) prey (Text)


As their relationship crumbles in the face of change, longing, and contempt. Ann and Ail must now confront their roles on Earth and in the lives of each other. Disagreeing on the fundamentals of whether they are now predators or preys, whether or not they wish to be human or something they cannot completely understand themselves, the two tells the story at the end of the R season. Between school, survival, beserker Cardians and each other, how much more confusions can there be? And what else could possibly go wrong? [2 of 2]

Author's Comments:

This little unknown ficlet of mine is something I'm rather proud of. Feel free to read and/or review. It was the first time I really just plunged out of the Senshi world and into the villains one ^_~

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Review by Starsea 2006-07-08

Wow, I got a blue story dedicated to me! Well, sort of.

I love this take on Ail and Ann, their ambiguous relationship. You spend more time on Ail, maybe because he seems to be more in touch with his emotions and what's happening, whereas Ann buries everything beneath anger and contempt. The writing is beautiful, as always; some little grammar mistakes, but nothing serious. The ending was chilling. I loved the conflict in both of them whether to hunt or be the hunted.


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