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Rating:G Created:2006-09-17
Genre:General Updated:2007-10-05
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What happens when Tsukino Kenji discovers his daughter is more than your average teenage girl? The Tsukino family must deal with Senshi and talking cats and the fact their world has been totally turned on its head.

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Review by Bella*Luna 2006-09-19

I think that you did well capturing the thoughts and accpetance of Usagi's family, should they have ever come to know of their daughter's extraordinary destiny.

It confused me a bit to see Rini used for Chibi-Usa when you are referring to everyone in Canon form instead of Dubbed form, but that is OK because I knew who she was (saw dubbed first).

I think that my favorite part is the title. Very creative reference. I think that it means that Kenji's dream (his dau... (more)

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