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Rating:PG Created:2006-10-27
Genre:Action Updated:2008-07-09
Style:General Status:Incomplete

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Welcome to Wonderland. The home of some of the strangest beings that you will ever meet.
Banished long ago, to a corner of space light years away, the Queen of Hearts has returned to enact her revenge on the Queen of the Moon.
Can the Sailor Scouts heal this world before the Queen of Hearts can destroy theirs?
Just sit right there, and I'll show you ~.^

Set between the time that Alan (Ail) and Ann (En) leave and the Dark Moon arrives.

Author's Comments:

This is re-working of a story that has only been complete for a few months. It was...alright...when I finished it and I hope to make it great by the time I'm done re-doing it.
Much thanks go to Araya for taking time out of her busy college schedule and being my beta for this story.
I hope you guys like it! ^.^

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Review by Loki 2007-09-13

What an exciting story concept, I have noticed as I read your older stories to this one, a steady improvement in your style and you have lots of talent and potential

Firstly, the only things I would work on are the little redundancies, try to show not tell too much, little things, but these are important for a writer to know. try and avoid using 'bit' too much and contractions like X alright X should always be two words, but aside from the odd typo and punctuation, X ?! X pairings... (more)

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