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Rating:PG13 Created:2006-10-29
Genre:Angst Updated:2006-10-30
Style:Character Study Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Reality

Perfect (PHP)


In life, we all strive to overcome the odds in order to achieve our dreams. Whoever said that we were supposed to have ~fun~ in the process was obviously on crack............

Author's Comments:

This fic was originally written in 2003 for the SMRFF Lyric Wheel Challenge!

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Review by Bella*Luna 2006-10-30

That was a very interesting take on Minako's life as a star. We all know that she wants to be in the movies and music and be the number one star in the world. I love the fact that you've had her mother helping her along the way, forcing her to be the best. It almost seems like it is her mother's dream and not hers at one point.

It was a very good story, very compelling tale. I like your explaination of the 'sorta fairytale' idea. Very good.

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