General Library: Beautiful Dreamer by Heavenly Pearl

Rating:G Created:2006-01-07
Genre:Romance Updated:2006-01-08
Style:Character Study Status:Complete

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While he watches his maiden sleep, Pegasus reflects on their friendship.

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Review by Bella*Luna 2007-06-07

This is very sweet. Very revealing about Pegasus/Helios in his most fearful time. It is always nice to read stories that answer questions you know someone had during the series.

Really great job. Totally deserving of one of the top 20 spots.
Review by ruminant 2006-01-15

What a sweet story. I don't see many Helios character pieces and this was a refreshing read.

You do a nice job of showing how torn he is between being a true friend to ChibiUsa and protecting her (as well as the other innocent dreamers out there). It's really a question of duty or love.
Review by Starsea 2006-01-11

Aww, so cute! You portrayed his emotions very well, subtle but understanding. It's nice to see Chibi Usa through the eyes of someone other than Usagi or the senshi.


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