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Rating:G Created:2007-02-21
Genre:Romance Updated:2008-07-31
Style:Fantasy Status:Complete

The Question of a Dream (PHP)
  2006 Winter Challenge Entry (Theme: Holidays)


While most girls dream about getting asked this question, Usagi is lucky enough to get asked in her dreams.

Author's Comments:

Written for .moon's Winter Challenge.

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Review by waterflu 2007-02-25

A very heart warming story. Normally, I don't like Chibi Usa/Helios fics, but yours is really sweet and short, which makes me want to read more stories like that.

I really liked this part: "“My lady,” he replied, “I trust you with my life. But when it comes to peaking, snooping, surprises, and gifts, you are your mother’s child.”" It made me love Helios!

Overall, good job!

Review by Araya 2007-02-25

Waterflu took the words out of my mouth! =-P I have to agree with her on everything! (Especially the quote, I was teary eyed I was laughing so hard.)

Each character was dead on and your descriptions were beautiful. I could picture Elysian perfectly.

Your work is exceptionally beautiful and I hope to read more from you ASAP!

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