General Library: Labyrinth of Stones and Roses by Starsea

Rating:PG13 Created:2007-03-27
Genre:Drama Updated:2008-05-09
Style:General Status:Incomplete
Setting:Alternate Reality

Where's the Exit? (PHP)
The Traveller Arrives (PHP)
The Broken One (PHP)


Breaking away from his high-pressure life as a stockbroker and his demanding girlfriend, Darien retreats to a hotel in the English countryside, working as a gardener. However, this hotel has strange owners and even stranger surroundings. Why do people appear and disappear? Who is Serena? And what is happening in the maze in the hotel grounds?

Author's Comments:

This is the first fanfiction I ever posted, hence the dub names. Nevertheless, there are still some bits in here that I really liked, and I think it should be on this site.

May 2008
Many thanks to all those who contacted me with copies. People still hold so much affection for this story, it amazes me.

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Review by Cazza 2009-07-26

As always, I'm fan!! Can't find any fault. Except that i wish that you would update..... please... please.... please....

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