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Fandom:Veronica Mars
Rating:PG13 Created:2007-04-25
Genre:Angst Updated:2007-04-26
Style:General Status:Complete

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Christmas is supposed to be a time for coming together, but this year, Veronica spends time with one person she would much rather have avoided.

Author's Comments:

Warning! Spoilers through "Spit and Eggs."

I originally started this fic for the .moon Winter Contest (hence the mention of Christmas and the Christmas tree), but I gave up when I realized I 1) didn't know where it was going and 2) only like three other people would know what the bloody hell was going on. So I decided it was better to scrap it and submit it for later.

So here it is.

Thanks very much to Vayleen for the quick and dirty beta, as well as the title. ^^ You rock!

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Review by Starsea 2008-02-10

Yay, I finally get to read this and understand what they're talking about. Your talent for dialogue still burns bright (haha) and I can just picture Logan and Veronica's voices saying these lines. Also a great analysis of their different mindsets when it comes to damage:

For all his progress, he still only saw whole things and broken things. He didn’t know that you could glue the shattered glass back together.

I wonder if this is because females pick up the pieces... (more)

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