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Rating:PG Created:2007-08-09
Genre:Angst Updated:2007-08-09
Style:Character Study Status:Incomplete

Part 1- Enter the Ice Queen (PHP)


"She's such an Ice Queen."

Hino Rei is a walking enigma. Will her frozen heart ever melt?

The young priestess will discover that she has a purpose in her world.

Author's Comments:

Welcome to Ice Queen. :D I hope you enjoy the story as much as I liked coming up with it. This is my version of a part of the 1st season of the SM manga. In WDM I'm pretty consistent with the Japanese names and honorifics, but I didn't put the family names first. I'm trying to be more authentic. : )

Disclaimer: I do not own Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, but this story is copyright to me.

Charries and environment © Takeuchi Naoko

Story © Tesh

Thanks for reading!

Tesh : )

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