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Fandom:Harry Potter
Rating:PG Created:2007-09-03
Genre:General Updated:2008-07-31
Style:General Status:Complete

Unwelcome Dream (PHP)
  2007 Summer Challenge Entry (Theme: Vacation)


Will Harry make it through his Summer vacation to return to Hogwarts or will Voldemort be able to get to him before his friends can rescue him? (Set between Order of the Pheonix and Half Blood Prince)

Author's Comments:

This is my contest entry for the Summer Contest at .moon. The theme was Vacation and I was in the middle of re-reading all of the Harry Potter books getting ready for the release of the new and final chapter of the story; so I had Harry on the brain.

Thanks to the two people who voted for me and for anyone who liked my story, whether you thought it was the best or not. These contests are fun and I'm happy to be a part of them. ^.^

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Review by Anonymous 2013-01-17

The ability to think like that shows you're an epxret
Review by Anonymous 2013-01-15

Dag nabbit good stuff you whippersnpapers!

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