General Library: The Watcher by Foreign_Nebula

Fandom:Rurouni Kenshin
Rating:R Created:2007-11-11
Genre:Dark Updated:2007-11-11
Style:Science Fiction Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Reality

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The Watcher comes out at night, spiriting away people who trespass on his property. At least, that is what Kaoru has been taught to believe. But caught out one night, she must fend off against her family enemy Gohei, and hide from the Watcher.

Author's Comments:

My grandmother told me this tale when I was younger and I remembered it the other week, just before Halloween. This is the result. Enjoy and review please.

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Review by obsessed dreamer 2013-05-05

Loved the story. Thenjustice and brutality and the promise of greater things to come.

The ending is one of my favorite parts.
Review by Mitikal_Dragon 2010-07-07

I absolutely love this story. Great job. ^__^
Review by ChosenOne 2009-02-27

Yay, justice is served! What a great one-shot.

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