Poetry Corner: Broken Hearted by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-09-24 Modified:2008-09-24
Summary:Nymphadora Tonks longs for a relationship with Remus and thinks about what to do next.
Broken Hearted

The cold damp mist surrounds her feetů
Water soaks up from the river bank.
Here at this time, she and the river meet.
She stares out while her feet sank.


Emotions build and tears streak across her cheek.
She no longer knows where to turn.
Where was she headed? How hard could she seek?
Seek for love and have it returned.

Her heart sank and fell again and again.
He turned his back on her.
Why could he only look on her with distain?
How she longed to drown herself in liqueur!

A heart stolen in a simple smile,
Bright with relief when she awoke.
She would find a way to make it all worthwhile!
She would not let it all fade away like smoke.

Determined was she to make him see,
That all would be well if he would just allow his heart to open.
Love never came with a guarantee!
She knew that love could very well deepen.

A werewolf was cursed but once every twenty-eight days,
She did not fear the curse or fear any danger.
Their love could start such a beautiful blaze!
But now she lived out her life like a stranger.

A shadow of what she previously was,
Now she was hidden behind the shadow of a beast.
He needed to realize that no relationship was without flaws!
She longed for the time that all caution was released.

She gathered her courage to face him again.
To put forth her hand and hope it would win.
She would put all she had into this final campaign.
All she could hope was that true love could begin.

Heart on her sleeve she would confront him.
And hope that all would not end with a whim.

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