Poetry Corner: Business in Hogsmeade by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-09-24 Modified:2008-09-24
Summary:A wizard has errands to run in Hogsmeade.
Business in Hogsmeade

To Hogsmeade town he briskly tread,
In need of supplies for his trade.
Correspondence he could no longer evade,
To Scrivenshafts he sped.

The cold and snow put him in a bad mood,
So next to Zonkos he went.
Laughter and a fun time there was spent.
Next hunger crept in, so now he went in search of food.

At the Three Broom sticks he found some bread,
For Rosmerta’s cooking he gratefully paid.
Some firewhiskey was necessary to persuade
Him back into the cold after he overfed.

Honeyduke’s shop he was forced to include,
His sweet tooth called for the sugary scent.
His children also would find no content
Without the treats there would be a family feud.

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