Poetry Corner: Cat in the Moonlight by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-09-24 Modified:2008-09-24
Summary:A poem that reflects on life as a single female.
Cat in the Moonlight

Away in the night dances the little black cat.
Her tail up behind her as she slides through the moonlight.
With a jump and a hop she skips through the dark…
Her eyes all aglow, reflecting the stars.

So much potential hides in the shadows.
Will she find her dreams of a stray king of cats?
Will he be mystery and steal in to find her?
Will he be rich and buy his way to her world?

She is carefree now but longs for the day,
When a litter of kittens longs for her care.
Responsibility surrounds and she hides in other lives…
While seeking a world of her own to belong.
Friends and family depend on her now,
How long till she find the strength to turn around?

To reach out to the world and run away to find herself,
A mission to search, to seek, and to explore.
To find her true heart, her true calling, and such…
A true lesson is waiting on her to detach.

As long as she finds comfort in family and friends…
In the end it’s a lesson…that never ever ends.

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