Poetry Corner: Christmas at Hogwarts by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-09-24 Modified:2008-09-24
Summary:It is Christmas at Hogwarts and time to celebrate!
Christmas at Hogwarts

Itís Christmas time at Hogwarts.
Trees shimmer within the candlesí light
while enchanted snow glistens above.
The morningís presents had brought delight.
Afternoon exertion was a snowball fight,
And dinner ends the perfect night.

Your breath will catch.
Magic enhances natural beauty, and will incite
a sigh from all gathered here.
The Christmas decorations will reignite
the holiday spirit for all in sight.
Stars atop trees shine out nice and bright.

The beautiful hall decorated
with trees lit up with delicate sprite.
Happy thoughts of the day gone by,
while elf-made delicacies delight
until no one can eat another bite.
The celebration goes into the night.

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