Poetry Corner: Christmas For Lovers by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-09-24 Modified:2008-09-24
Summary:Nymphadora Tonks starts Christmas out alone, where is Remus on this special night?
Christmas For Lovers

Nymphadora Tonks stared out into the night.
Alone again, shivering in the stars’ bright light.

Remus made excuses to escape his fear.
War separated them throughout the entire year.

Uncertainties filled their entire world.
Christmas lost as dark chaos unfurled.

Families separated and spread out,
Death Eaters caused many to doubt.

But then strong arms come to surround,
causing her heart to pound.

Emotions so strong that she could not contain
the tears of frustration and anguish fell down like rain.

Remus turns her around to his embrace,
forcing her eyes to look at his face.

His heart shines out from his eyes,
emotions so strong he could not disguise.

The best gift that Tonks could receive this December,
her husband home, forever she'll remember.

Harry had harshly opened his eyes,
All doubts and frustrations for their babe dies.

Together they would face the New Year,
their love had opened up a new frontier.

Passion arose as they forgave the past,
Their kiss brought together love that was vast.

Two hearts together forever more alright.
their bodies now ready to ignite.

Love flowed from husband to wife,
promising to be there the rest of his life.

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