Poetry Corner: Decisions by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:PG
Created:2008-09-24 Modified:2008-09-24
Summary:Nymphadora Tonks has a decision to make, to stay with her son or go to battle with her husband. But these two men are not the only ones affected by her choice, so is her mother.

Terrified, her trembling heart was torn.
She would never be able to explain.
Her infant son slept soundly this morn.
Her mother’s heart longed to remain.

Never afraid for her own life,
She stood undecided between two males.
Her husband and son were the cause of her strife.
Emotions cared not for the details.

The deciding battle of this long war,
An Auror had responsibility to respond;
A responsibility she could not ignore,
But a mother could not ignore THAT bond.

Beside her husband in battle she could be,
Or safely cuddled with an infant boy.
Neither choice had a guarantee,
Either choice could destroy.

A son without parents may lie ahead,
But fight she must, her place was set.
With some hope she would not be dead,
When at last they destroyed this threat.

With a kiss she left her son,
A letter to her mother was left.
Hope that this battle would be won.
Unaware Mom would soon be bereft.

Off to battle and her husband’s side,
Together they crusaded to destroy the foe.
And soon their friends found that they’d died.
Many affected by this devastating blow.

A son left orphaned in his grandmother’s care,
While struggling with her own despair.
Friends were left mourning this beloved pair,
Thinking about how this was so unfair.

Silently Andromeda mourns;
Staring out at the rising sun.
Emotions left her feeling quite worn.
She wished that this past year could be undone.

Husband, daughter, and son all lost.
Peace had come at a very high cost.

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