Poetry Corner: Love at the End by cwiddy

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:PG
Created:2008-09-24 Modified:2008-10-09
Summary:Even exactly 60 Years with a woman can not be enough. For my Poppop at the loss of my Nanny on 11/22/2008. RIP Pauline Elizabeth Shaulis. I miss you!
Love at the End

Words will never be able to explain,
the ache in my heart where youíll remain.
A heart that now aches and breaks each night,
with loneliness for alone I sit and recite:
The memories of our years together,
the trials which together we were to weather.

Two daughters now try so hard to provide
some comfort to me while I sat there and cried.
Grand children call or visit often,
And the loneliness begins to soften.
But then the darkness descends in this empty house,
And the ache returns again as I think of my spouse.

On angelís wings her youth returned,
Life on the earth is now adjourned.
With God now she sits with parents and brother,
to await those remaining to join her, one after another.
Life will advance until the day,
In her loving arms Iíll be once again, hooray!

Hope in my families eyes I still see.
How long Iíll remain, I canít guarantee.
Together weíll live life to the fullest,
for this I know you would have bequest.
Love and laughter will I strive to still find,
in this life which together we so intertwined.

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