Poetry Corner: Lupin’s Sonnet by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-09-25 Modified:2008-09-25
Summary:This is a sonnet about Remus Lupin.
Lupin’s Sonnet

The wolf howls, beneath the full moon.
The transformation complete for the night.
Come morning, a man will be gasping in dawns early light.
Lupin will be cursing at this awful boon.

Stares follow this grungy man, thinking "What a loon!"
He is doomed to a life of scorn, because of Fenrir's bite.
Women and children gasp at him in fright.
Loneliness and sorrow, his forlorn life's tune.

A stag, rat, and dog were once his best friends.
Lost now, all but one, to death’s gentle sleep.
Traitor, the third, betrayer with evil ends.

A woman's bright smile now lights his eye, his heart mends.
Now at long last a love he can keep
Life’s path is uncertain and bends.

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