Poetry Corner: Slumbering Waters by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-09-25 Modified:2008-09-25
Summary:Molly Weasley looks into a sunrise and thinks about her children.
Slumbering Waters

The sun gently rises over the water,
Bathing all pink in morning light.
Pink, reminding parents of their daughters,
Girlsí happy smiles, and simple delights.

Calmness sits upon the lake,
Gentle expectations of the day to come.
Soon the world will awake,
The quiet and solitude will succumb
As animals, fish, and weather brake
Out of the sleep that keeps them numb.

A motherís heart stirs at these moments,
Remembering wild boys in their play.
And a single daughter, youngest of all,
She always ignores all the comments,
Of those who watch in dismay.
For she is thankful her children enthrall.

Each unique personality,
Offers up individuality
That smaller families cannot find.
Larger families are much more intertwined.
A motherís heart holds all these things,
Remembering them in the dawn.
At moments like this is when her heart sings;
Then moves on with the day with a yawn.

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Review by Araya 2008-10-06

Beautiful peek into Molly's thoughts as a mother. I think you captured her perfectly.

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