Poetry Corner: The Final Moments by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-09-25 Modified:2008-09-25
Summary:Albus Dumbledore looks and thinks about those lost in the battle against the Death Eaters.
The Final Moments

Knowledge, Honor, and Wisdom were his trademark upon the world.
His long trailing beard and colorful rich robes would mark his place any room.
At last an injury he knew could not be healed,
A withered hand the first obvious sign of his weakness.

His heart was broken with each loss in this war.
His heart screamed out and ached each night as he remembered each face.
Names listed as his heart beat: lub-dub, lub-dub:
James-Lily, Frank-Alice, Cedric-Sirius.

Shivers slithered like snakes up and down his spine
Tears shimmered in his eyes,
As he fought not to cry out in despair.
Only here at night could he mourn for these good people.

Moonlight splashed into his room,
As it peeked from behind the clouds.
The stars, sparks of shining light in the night,
Reminders that hope waited in the darkness.

He saw his fall at a friendís hand in the near future.
Snape had to promise to carry through before taking the Vow.
Now he had no choice but to protect the willful boy,
From the misguided need to redeem the Malfoy name.

Harry needed to learn all he could.
He hoped that the past could guide the future.
That love was the purest and most honest power he had no doubt.
Now he had just to convince Harry of those powers.

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