Poetry Corner: Passions of Fate by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:PG13
Created:2008-09-29 Modified:2008-09-29
Summary:This is a sonnet about Remus and Tonks
Passions of Fate

Gently he lifts her chin, meeting her eyes,
Softly he brushes her lips with his own.
Love for her he can no longer disguise.
Their love was strong enough to make him moan.

Her arms wrap silently around his back.
Passions rising as their bodies react.
Strong emotions are ready to attack.
This deep kiss seals the unwritten contract.

Together they fold under emotions.
Uniting in their love once and for all.
The couple could now fill many oceans,
This love was enough to fully enthrall.

Remus and Tonks together forever,
The flame of this love lives on through their son.

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