Poetry Corner: Ballad of the Beta-Testers by sailorknight

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:R
Created:2008-10-02 Modified:2008-10-02
Summary:A bunch of nonsense for testing purposes.
Ballad of the Beta-Testers

There once was a man from Nantucket.
...Wait. What the hell rhymes with Nantucket?
I was doing just fine
With just that first line,
But now Iím stuck, so just fuck it.

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Review by yin_kita 2008-12-14

LOL OMFG that is so fucking amazing! That will definantly be my slogan for the week!!
Review by Bella*Luna 2008-10-06


That was the most amazing presentation of rhyming skillzors that I have ever been privileged enough to come across! I ... (more)

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