Poetry Corner: Pane of Love by Jessica Pendragon

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:G
Created:2008-10-07 Modified:2008-10-07
Summary:Man was I emo and loved Poe in high school. Wow.
Pane of Love

I had a dream once, stuck in a strange place,
deep in the underground.
Not another soul or noise of life did sound,
And my heart was filled with unease.

The hallway was thin, the arch ceiling in a foul grin,
as it sloped up to hide the end.
Darkness behind me, I took the path blindly,
finding a small luminous friend.

A light did glow, but ever was low,
as the hallway seemed endless in sight.
A sense of coldness, and the rank of oldness
sucked the breathe I did have in my life.

But I kept pace down the hall, and picked a spot on the wall,
to break up my winded journey.
But nigh did the trek laid down before me,
ever seem to cease.

Alas by some potion, arose a notion
of an impossible shadow upon the wall-
creeping quietly as my pace neared to a crawl.
Only, could I stare at the phantasm with wonder.

As I moved, it moved,
and my mind grew with something wild;
This small shadow was my own-
and one of a child!

Need for closure, made my feet move over
the cold and relentless path.
My shadow did chase but changed overtime,
to a teenager in endless wrath.

Every step brought me nearer, to a fate that was clearer,
as my shadow grew upon the brick’ end screen.
But the saddest tune hath never been,
then the life that passed by ’ere.

More shadows floated by, but alone she did sigh,
as she watched them leave two by two.
Love, this darkness, I truly knew;
To smile, but never to receive.

Surely, I raved, this could not be how is plays,
my love, my love, it shall be returned!
And with that I raced up the hall-
and there, there my journey ceased to be forlorn.

Oh marvelous God, there stood above,
my window to the Eden of my heart.
With hope I pressed on,
but that, that my friends, was my fault.

I met something there, that cut through the air,
a pane of glass did my fingers graze.
No! With frustration my heart set ablaze,
as it kept me from my darkness’ leave.

A terror unknown, touched cold to my bones,
as sorrow did fill me high,
Life lay before me and ever so near, but I-
I, I here would remain.

Stuck in a moment, forever alone it
would only be added by grief.
Here I would sit till the end of my days,
till life in me would leave.

Forever to watch, never to catch,
what my heart and soul always longed for.
No where to turn back, as nothing is there,
the saddest tune I am, even of lore.

So here sit I, as time slowly falls by,
until I wish my last adieu.
Of this horrible fate, I do not pray for you,
Until death, to rest at the limbo of love’s pain.

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