Poetry Corner: I’m Seeing Red by Jessica Pendragon

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:G
Created:2008-10-07 Modified:2008-10-07
Summary:High school poem yay.
I’m Seeing Red

Red is the color of passion,
Passion both fearful and grand.
In one instance you’re as strong as a mountain,
The next you can barely stand.
Red is the color of blood,
The sound of it pumping in your ear,
Red is the feeling of anger
Brought about by a moment of overcoming fear.
Red burns bright like a fire,
Like the rage that blazes in your eyes.
But red is also the passion of the heart,
Beautiful like the red autumn leaves falling from the skies.
Red is the color of her lipstick,
And as rosy lips come close for a whisper,
Smell like a red and white peppermint.
Red sounds like the first ‘I love you’ sweet,
Red is the color you see,
When closed eyes and open hearts meet.
Red feels like a warm, loving hand,
But red can also feel like a hard hand’s embrace,
For red can be both fearful and grand.

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