Poetry Corner: Confusion by Bella*Luna

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:R
Created:2008-10-21 Modified:2008-10-21
Summary:So many questions and only one answer.

It had been one week and three days
Since the last time I’d seen your face
I only saw you for a minute
And my heart started to break
Questions running through my head
All unanswerable and insane
“Why did you leave me again?”
What was in your brain?”
None of these words passed through my lips
Not even after we kissed
They were still running through my head
“How can I trust you again?”
After everything that was said?
Why do you always go away?
Why do you always run scared,
When the slightest bit of happiness comes your way?”
You’d said you needed your space
That I can understand
But why end it all?
Why just become my friend?
When there is so much more to us,
To our relationship
Than friendship could even begin to handle!
My mind ceases to rationalize
As I let your hands slip over my body
Finding the creases and curves
That we both know they’re so familiar with
Why give this up?
This feeling I’m feeling
That I know you’re feeling too,
The rush that passes through your brain
As the one you love touches you
As the familiarity becomes second nature
And inhibition is lost
“I won’t stop you”
I whisper in your ear
As all my feelings wash over me
As they do to you after you hear
Those four words filled with trust
Filled with love, not lust
It’s easy to trust you
Even after what you’ve done
Because I know you don’t hurt me on purpose
I know you don’t do it for fun
I know that you love me
Under all your strength
You’re dying inside, just like me
You’re getting to the brink
As our clothes fall from our bodies
Our skin touches, we become one
Tears fall from my eyes
As memories flood my brain
It’s like the rising sun
Overwhelming and bright
I can’t handle them
So I cry
My heart swells
My senses die
I cry myself to sleep this night
And hope that in the morning I’ll wake
To something new, something fresh
I hope that I will be OK
For our friendship’s sake

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