Poetry Corner: Stronger For His Sin by Bella*Luna

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:R
Created:2008-10-21 Modified:2008-10-21
Summary:Breath in, breathe out
Stronger For His Sin

Iíd been sitting for an hour
Just talking to myself
Letting the water wash over me in the shower
Cleansing myself
Breathe in, breathe out
I kept reminding my lungs
They kept collapsing in doubt
Unsure of what had been done
He was on top of me
Crushing me with his weight
Bruising the inside of my thighs with his hips
With thrusts full of hate
My mind was going crazy
No matter how fast I talked I couldnít keep up
Why had this happened
Why did I deserve to be hit with this truck
He talked to me while he was doing it
Told me I would be alright
As long as I played along
And didnít put up a fight
I was too young when it happened
Too young to understand
The weight of my friendís actions
The fear I shouldíve felt at his hand
To this day I remember
The morning I woke up
And realized that things that had been done to me
And let the water run
I sat in the shower for hours
Trying to wash away my skin
Wash away his touch
Wash away his sin
It will never go away
I can only learn
I was lucky that day
Through that trial it was my life I earned
Through his actions
I gained strength
Knowledge and power
All at great length
My life is better today
Because of what happened to me then
Because Iím stronger for it
Stronger for his sin

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