Poetry Corner: The Power of a Card by Bella*Luna

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:PG
Created:2008-10-21 Modified:2008-10-21
Summary:My father has terminal cancer
The Power of a Card

He hands me a card
Full of words I donít understand
To explain why heís going away
And never coming back again
Weíve never had the best relationship
But before he goes I want him to know
I love him with all of my heart
Into the deepest depths of my soul
I may not be the same love shared by my sister
And it may not be the love he wants from me
But itís the best I can do under these conditions
With everything Iíve been through to become me
He asks that we read these emails and letters
Of things that are happening to his friends
The sadness that they are going through
The same things that are going to happen to him
He hands me another card
Yellow this time
One that gives permission to wave ressussitation
Why revive him if heís not going to be fine
My eyes start to water
I start to cry
My heart is breaking
Even though itíll be a long time before goodbye
One of my fatherís is dying
But the doctors say it could be worse
A five year death sentence
What could be worse than that curse
But he remains strong and optimistic
And we must remain strong for him
A family to guide him through this battle
A family to help him win

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