Poetry Corner: Consider a Snowflake by Bella*Luna

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:G
Created:2008-10-21 Modified:2008-10-21
Summary:We’re all different
Consider a Snowflake

Consider a snowflake
For just one second
One minuscule moment in time
Consider a snowflake
Each one with a different
Size and shape in their design
Consider a snowflake
And in that second think
Of how snowflakes are like you and me
Consider a snowflake
Then look around
And consider what you are trying to see
Consider a snowflake
As you look at that boy
With black make-up around his eyes
Consider a snowflake
As you look on and judge
That beautiful, rich girl who cries
Consider a snowflake
As you watch and assume
That person walking away from the plastic surgeon is vain
Consider a snowflake
As you assume
That person over there and you are the same
Consider a snowflake
While you are trying
To figure out who you are
Consider a snowflake
And remember
It is just as different as a star
Everyone is different
No one is the same
The decisions you make
Arenít anotherís to blame
Just remember
Before you start to judge
To consider a snowflake
Then perhaps your opinions will budge

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