Poetry Corner: In His Eyes by cwiddy

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:G
Created:2008-11-04 Modified:2008-11-04
Summary:Hope about a new relationship found in his eyes.
In His Eyes

In his eyes Iíve found hope,
To keep on believing in love.
In his eyes Iíve found a dream,
That I am beautiful to the world.

In his eyes I can believe,
That love is all there is.
In his eyes Iíve found a truth,
That so far has not hid.

Ideals and hopes have found a voice,
Together ours have united.
Comfort and a closeness, too,
Have pulled us ever closer.

Though time has been short,
We dream of uniting lives together.
Be it just now or for longer stent,
We live right now for this moment.

Struggles there will be plenty,
And troubles to overcome.
May we tackle them together,
For in his eyes I melt.

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