Poetry Corner: First Encounter by cwiddy

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:R
Created:2008-11-04 Modified:2008-11-04
Summary:A couple meets and desire stirs...
First Encounter

Together they sat, staring up at a beautiful night.
Cold stirred up from the water, causing them both to shiver.
A fish jumps up to their right
There he’s now on their left.

He pulls his jacket from beneath them to on top,
Quieting their shivers
She moves over to share his warmth,
While both stare up at the light of the moon.

Slowly the move closer as she still shivers some,
And finally his lips move to meet hers.
Their lips meet in a moment of bliss…
Their attraction for each other exemplified by that move.

They move closer yet and share the night,
Until cold chases them towards the car.
Hope and attraction glimmer in their eyes as their hands entwine
Drip! Drip! Drip!
Water falls down from above,
They maneuver around the drops on their trip.

As verbal conversation dwindles,
Their physical conversation continues.
Kisses move from lips to necks.
Gentle bites move round that tender flesh,
Up to eager ear lobes.
Groans of delight escape from both,
As hands move around to explore more.

A gentle caress of breast from him,
Untucking of his shirt by her.
Hands rub up soft skin,
Her hands rub up his back as she presses herself against him.

His hand delights in her soft, white skin,
And she moans as he kisses down her neck,
Reaches up her shirt to caress her breast more.
As his lips meet that flesh, she trembles and delights in his touch.

His hand moves lower to rub between her thighs,
Her pants a barrier still.
Not quite ready for the next step,
She allows this last sexual maneuver.

They sit and embrace a little while longer,
Neither satiated, but both aware of the other’s attraction.

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