Poetry Corner: Shared Attraction by cwiddy

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:R
Created:2008-11-10 Modified:2008-11-10
Summary:A couple is attracted to each other, and act...
Shared Attraction

When she sees him, her heart opens wide.
A smile plays across her face,
As her heart begins a little race.
As he nears she quickens her stride.

Arms engulf her and they share a kiss,
All is well when they stand like this.

When alone in a private space,
They share their attraction,
Starting slowly, they move into action,
Softly they kiss and then they embrace.

Arms engulf her and they pull her close,
Then he begins to shed her clothes.

Slowly caresses are mixed with kisses,
Soft bites and sucks add to the mix.
As more skin appears there is more to transfix.
At moments like this, no one reminisces!

Arms engulf her and pull her close,
This is how the member grows!

Soft skin is rubbed and excitement rises.
Soft breasts exposed show her delight,
As member hard assists her plight.
They are not thinking of tomorrow’s surprises.

Arms engulf her and pull her close,
Excitement in them both now grows.

They move together, then apart,
Their lust is now in full season,
Their bodies moves with a higher reason,
Striving to peak together is the art.

Arms engulf her and pull her close,
All is finished, now they can doze.

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