Poetry Corner: Silent Darkness by cwiddy

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:PG
Created:2008-11-11 Modified:2008-11-11
Summary:When darkness settles in the night, so can dark feelings and doubt
Silent Darkness

As darkness creeps up on me,
My mind begins to wonder…
And evil thoughts bring fear into my mind.

Where hope was dancing through the light,
Now slithers in some doubt.
Things have come so far, but is it far enough?

I can’t help but hope for love,
And the connection there was strong.
Is there enough common ground,
To bring this love along?

I want to share this treasure,
And all he could be for me.
But things just seem to tumble in the way.

Ever willing to learn am I,
But is my romantic mind too strong?
Will I scare him with my ramblings,
Will he think me way too weird?

I accept his photo obsession,
I like that view on life.
I accept his friendships and family,
Can he accept mine?

This world has been so lonely,
For way too long a time
For fear to not try to haunt me,
To leave me here alone.

So many unsaid phrases,
For no words could really tell,
What all is here inside me,
What love is here as well.

I struggle with my feelings.
Words truly fail me, too.
I can but trust in my heart,
Try not to listen to this doubt.

Logic has no place here,
But in this left brained world…
One cannot forget it…
or hear it’s unproved thoughts.

So tonight I sleep in silence,
Still hoping all is well.

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